QOTW #20 – What Brake pads should I get my Aston Martin and why?

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Welcome to BamfordRose and another question of the week. This question of the week is about brake pad options, as you can see from this rather nice video clip.

There are some of you that do use the car spiritually on the track and you do need to change from the factory brake pads. So, if you’ve got a six-piston front caliper already, GT8 or V8, which has either a Vantage S or it’s a later 4.7, it’s got the six-piston caliper option on it, any V8 Vantage with six-piston caliper. If you start to use those brakes hardly on a track, get them hot, you’ll start to experience fade eventually. And you’ll start to grind a little bit of the pad material into the disc.

So, there’s a couple of options on the six-piston caliper. First, the option would be an RS 29 pad and we’ve had great success at that. That works in most cases. You can combine that with a fluid change, maybe some SPF, a higher grade than the super dot for brake fluid.

The next option and upwards and we fit this to two cars now and the college just saw in the video had it as well. This is again, it’s a Paget pad and it’s a 8081 RSL one pad. And you can see from the image that I’ve shared that there’s a link you can find that. There’s a couple of places on the interweb that sell that pad.

That pad is phenomenal. You could use it all day long and you won’t overheat the pad start to grind it into the disc. I wouldn’t go for any other pads, and unless they’re made by Padgett and don’t buy them. Any of the other brands out there, the outlets recommend. I’ve seen air estates in all of them. The pad overheats or the pad just doesn’t get hot enough. There are all air estates in all of them. Brake pads made by Padgett brake discs. Brembo, nothing else!

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