QOTW #5 – Should I buy an extended warranty policy?

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Hello, welcome back to BamfordRose with another question of the week. This week we’re talking about the question of “should I buy an extended warranty policy typically from a franchise dealer? as the Aston Martin franchise dealer network will sell a warranty policy”. The short answer to this, in my opinion is, do not! If you take a five-year view of ownership, the inspection and the warranty premium is going to be 2,000 pounds per year. Over that five-year period, you’re not going to be spending ten thousand pounds on outright repairs.

Bearing in mind that obviously, the warranty policy will not cover normal wear and tear, so separating out from what is normal wear and tear from a mechanical or electrical breakdown, as I’ve said you’re not going to be spending ten thousand pounds over five years on outright repairs. Maybe in each individual year, there’ll be a repair, where that repair bill parts and labor does come close or if not exceed that individual year premium. But spread over that, three or five-year ownership plan, then each year of repairs versus the annual inspection and premium, it’s going to work out better banking the money and not taking out the franchise dealers, as the mine warranty policy.

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