QOTW #37 – Twin throttle manifold upgrade?

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Welcome to Bamford Rose and another question of the week. This week is about V8 Vantage and our twin throttle upgrade. This is a replacement for the standard single throttle inlet manifold on the V8 which was fitted from 2005 4.3 through until when the V8 Vantage ceased production and they changed to the Mercedes engine.

So, this is covering a good 15 plus years of production. 4.3 had the power upgrade. It was colored black, M 430, had the same black inlet manifold. So, whether it’s black, whether it’s silver, it’s got a single throttle in the middle of it. Here’s a picture of that. We upgrade it to this twin throttle, extra volume, extra airflow and that gives about 25 bhp as opposed to the single throttle in that manifold.

I get lots of questions saying, can I have the twin throttle upgrade for my V8? And the answer is no! Unless it’s part of a bigger engine conversion that we’re doing, say from 4.3 to 4.7 liter or, in fact, it’s a 5-liter V8 build. This is because the cost to construct that inlet manifold for the pair of throttles that are needed, the installation time, all adds up to quite an expense. So, its bang for buck 425 bhp is very small.

So, if you’re on a standard engine without the exhaust and without the blueprinting and porting that we do, then you wouldn’t really go for the twin inlet manifold in isolation. But when it is added on top of a bigger engine build project, it’s pretty phenomenal. We’re going to go and see in this white car now the rate of change of engine speed, acceleration, and snappiness has significantly improved. And if you combine that with a lightweight flywheel and our exhaust manifolds and catalysts, now the engine responsiveness is just unreal. It wants to zip to the redline as quickly as anything. And in each gear – first, second, third, all the way through to sixth – its pull to the redline is just relentless. It gets you from stationery to whoop factor 9 super quick.

So, unless you’re going to have a bigger engine project, then as good as it is, unfortunately in isolation, it’s not really a product that we advise.

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