QOTW #3 – Where should I get my Aston Martin serviced and why?

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Welcome back to BamfordRose YouTube channel and another question of the week. This week’s question is one that typically new owners ask and that is “where should I get my car serviced?

The two choices are; the independent world or the franchise dealer world. And in the Aston Martin world, there are very few independent garages to choose from. There are about 20 franchise dealers spread across the country. I’ve seen either side of this for many years, and like any other brand, Porsche will be a good example. The independent Network really does give much better and personalized care to the car, rather than a more commercially driven fast in fast out approach that a franchise dealer will take.
If you look in your service book, you’ll see that each service is given a book time; three hours, three and a half hours, at an independent we can’t get service done in anything less than six hours. So, this just tells you how much care, at which garage is being applied to the car.

The service here is going to be a very comprehensive test drive, where all expert type development, engineers, and once we get in a car and test drive it, absolutely anything that isn’t quite right we’re going to pick up on. It’s going to be a very thorough laptop diagnostic check looking at misfire, looking at any fault code that’s wrong with the car, then the car goes on the ramp, and it has the normal service consumables changed, and the inspection report is going to give an indication to stuff that needs changing now or can be put on the backbone for change at a future time. Under trays are removed, everything is cleaned off, everything’s copper slipped and lubricated when it’s put back together. It really is a very thorough, bit of TLC for the car.

And any of the independence in the UK, they’re going to take that approach to service, it is what independence does. Whereas what franchise networks do is more speed-driven fast in fast now. Instead of the car, it’s looking at their bottom line, and the care that they provide to the car just isn’t there.
One of the positives our dealer network service will give you is a dealer stamp in the book, which people think is important come resale time. But if you’ve got a dedicated brand specialist independent stamp in the book then somebody is going to find it hard to devalue that stamp come resale time. And if they do, they’re just looking for any lever they possibly can to try and drive the price of the car down, when they come to buy it from you. Especially a car that is outside of three years’ warranty period, the best care for the car is undoubtedly in the independent world.

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