QOTW #21 – How do I fix mirror stalk corrosion on my Aston Martin?

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Welcome to BamfordRose and another question of the week. This week is the perennial issue of mirror stalk corrosion. So, as you can see from the picture. This is fairly typical of what happens. The absolute wafer-thin bit of paint that was put on the mirror stalk, from production from the original build. It gets very upset with air moving across it because that’s all it takes a waft of air, and it will lift that paint off. You’re left with a little bit of unsightly mirror stalk.

So a very simple option for this, remove the stalk. So that door card off the front quarter line glass has to come out with the assembly. So, it’s a little bit tricky. Then you can strip it, send off the mirror stalk for powder coating, and reassemble everything. It takes a little bit of time, obviously because that mirror stalk is a way for powder coating and it’s a bit of time to disassemble, but it’s worth it. Because once it’s powder coated and it’s properly now coated for the outside environment, it’s going to last for years.

I wouldn’t have seen people do this, but I’ve seen people mask up around the area and then spray paint it. Again, this is just making it look good for the temporary short term, but the paint is going to flake off eventually. And you can never properly clean it, when it’s in-situ for the painter properly a day.

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