QOTW #2 – What are the differences in sound characteristics with an upgraded catalyst?

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This week, we’ve been asked about the sound characteristic of upgraded 200 cell catalysts. So, this is a high-flow catalyst. We’ve got two different types of upgrade catalysts, depending on what noise someone wanted. This is the conventional design of catalyst which there are quite a few on the market place. It’s a high flow count, which typically is 200 cells per square inch. And it’s the flange that mounts to the exhaust manifold, a cone, the catalyst, and then the outlet which goes to the intermediate pipes. So, this is your standard looking catalyst.

We’ve sold catalyst like this for many years and whilst it’s good. It has got a distinctive sound, and that distinctive sound is what I would say, is a loud singular trumpet. It turns the exhaust note into a sheltie, not a high pitch, not raspy, but it’s definitely a shouty singular trumpet, as opposed to the symphony, which is what most people want to retain that characteristic Aston Birbal.

So, what we did is after developing this and putting it to the market, we changed the configuration to return the symphony, but without losing any performance and that’s on this car at the moment. So, here we have a catalyst, then a sound baffle, and then an outlet to the intermedia. In comparison, this catalyst because of the baffle returns the typical Aston symphony and if a customer so wishes, we can fit this one which is a shouty a singular trumpet. Our default recommendation for everyone is to always fit 200 cell catalyst with this sound baffle. Because the symphony and the smoothness of the tone that this catalyst gives over this one, is much more desirable.

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