Forum Chat #9 – DIY V8 Vantage repairs after an incorrect diagnostic

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Welcome to BamfordRose and another forum chat. This week I’ve taken a snippet of a story off Facebook. I think this is the guy in the States and he’s reporting that he’s got rough running after about 20 minutes on this V8 Vantage and put the full bleed, press the pause button read through his description if you like. He then goes on to update and I can immediately see that there’s some fairly fundamental strip of the car and components being changed that I mean I can see aren’t the root cause of the problem. If it’s rough running after 20 minutes because of these components if you’re upon driver modules, a few other things, if they were fundamentally wrong at cold start the first 20 minutes, he would have the issue, not after 20 minutes.

Anyone that’s phoned us up and even if you’re not our customer, I do help people with diagnostics and on some stuff that I’m interested in myself, not Astons. I follow different groups and those groups are extremely helpful in being able to fix stuff yourself and it’s really good. So, Facebook groups, Piston Head, whatever it is, the forums, the great places to find information from to help fix your problem so you don’t have to go to the garage. We help people a lot in finding their problems at home and they fix them.

So, I really am into people being able to fix their problems at home if they’re mechanically minded or inclined. But when I see posts like this, I really feel for the person because they’re going through a whole process of stripping out and replacing parts that just aren’t needed, it’s not necessary. The picture you can see now is the AMDS, real-time misfire page. So, if you get the AMDS laptop, plug-in and within about 10… Well, not 10 seconds, 30 seconds of plugging that color into the laptop, you’re going to have that page. That page is going to tell you which cylinders are affected. From that you can then interrogate in closer detail, a particular lambda sensor that is measuring the cylinders that are affected by the misfire or then you can look at coil voltages, whatever it is, but hone in on the particular problem when you’ve got some data.

I know AMDS is a difficult tool to get and it’s not accessible to most people at home. But without that level of data logging and interrogation at the ECU, it is really really difficult to diagnose problems yourself and at home. In this instance, if the guy was really minded to fix his own problem, that’s great. Just first act off a piece of data that a case in the State’s maybe there aren’t many independents that have got AMDS. If you’ve got go to a dealer and just pay them for an hour’s worth a diagnostic time to hook the kits up and tell you what’s wrong with the car, then you go home and fix it yourself, that’s better than fairly unscientifically stripping parts out that aren’t anything to do with the fault you’ve got. And if you’d have had a 10-minute laptop diagnostic, then you would have known that. So great.

And I’m also supportive of people doing stuff at home. But the first step has got to be to get some data that you can act upon to help fix your problem. If that means an hour’s worth the time, a garage that’s got AMDS then that’s what you need to do. And then you’ve got some definite information to use to decide what parts you’re going to take out and replace. As you can see this the fuel tank has been accessed in the engine plugs, coils, everything. I think he’s followed it up since with a load of other parts that he’s changing. I just wish I was there to plug AMDS in and say, hey! It’s this, this and this you need to look at.

Anyway, if we can be of help from that bit of forum review takeaway messages, just plug it in somewhere and with the AMDS kit and get your data.

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