Forum Chat #58 – Pre-purchase inspections

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Welcome to BamfordRose and its forum chat time. This week it’s pre-purchase inspections.

I always get asked, lots and lots of times, in various different places, “do we do pre-purchase inspections and what do they consist of?”

If buying anywhere other than a franchise dealer, a pre-purchase inspection is really very wise. Unfortunately, over the last few months going to other workshops has been pretty tricky, but hopefully, come the spring and when more people start to look at buying cars then that problem has gone away.

To do a pre-purchase inspection justice, we really need a ramp, so whoever is selling the car must allow us a couple of hours on a ramp. We then have to drive the car to give the road-based assessment. That road test and the pre-purchase inspection on the ramp, the procedure that we go through is exactly the same as if we were servicing the car here. If the car is harboring any significant problems, we’re going to find it and consumers will wear such as tyres, brakes, clutch, and will all be noted. And what’s given out in a report is an overview of those consumables, bodywork, interior and mechanical condition. If there’s anything noteworthy, then parts prices and labour prices for anything that was a problem are summarized, meaning that a buyer can go eyes wide open into a purchase, knowing what needs to be spent on the car and see if they need to get that reflected in the purchase price.

I’d say that we would be able to react to a pre-purchase inspection within five working days that have been requested. The pre-purchase inspection costs 300 pounds and then we just have to take into account our travel expenses if the car was further afield. Without access to a ramp, I’d probably decline to do a pre-purchase inspection. We just can’t do the process justice and, for sure, we’re not going to be able to identify problems in areas that we can’t get to and examine and have visual sight of.

Typically, not being able to put the car on a ramp and do a pre-purchase inspection means it’s from a private sale and not a garage. Now if the car was brought here, driven here, then that’s a great way of doing a pre-purchase inspection.

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