Forum Chat #45 – Early v8 vantage and DB9 special editions

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Welcome to BamfordRose, and another forum chat. This week, it’s about the early V8 and DB9 special editions. That’s going to be an m400 or a DB9 Lehman. And are they worth it? Are they worth the extra premium? Are they worth anything over the standard models?

When these models were first released back in the day, when M400 first came out approximately 2008. These cars were super special over the standard car. They were well sought after and they almost were in a world of their own, in terms of ownership groups. Almost like AMR cars are going to be today. The V8 sold for approximately 11 000 pounds additional premium, over the standard 4.3 V8 at the time. And there were 240 special editions made. The DB9 Lehman, there was supposed to be 124 special editions made. If you find one of these cars today and look at the slip pack, it will say number x of 124.

However, it’s rumored only something like 60 or so of them were actually made at the time. The DB9 Lehman came out when there was a model crossover to the 470 bhp glass key start car. So it would have been a bit of a swanson for the DB9 and the sale price was rumored to be a premium of about 20k, additional over a standard DB9. But I’m not sure if they did any special offers, meaning that car was purchased a bit cheaper.

Start with the V8 and have a quick look at how the market is receiving the N-400 special edition now some 12 years later. A basic 4.3 from 2005, can be purchased privately starting from low 20s. If it’s from a trader then they often go for high 20s. 4.3 roadster is going to start about 30. Your entry level 4.7 is going to start at about 35. Your Vantage S 7-speed paddle shift is going to start at low 50s. So, N-400 has to slot into that line up somewhere.

Today many years later it’s a very difficult sell to try and get more than the entry level 4.7 for your N-400, meaning that ultimately N-400 prices are capped by that 4.7 entry-level car. So previously where N-400 sold for an 11k premium. Now a quick scan of the classifieds and you can see there is battling for a sale with any other 4.3, which is quite upsetting. Because remembering how special M400 was when it came out and should really carry a premium over a standard 4.3. But because there are so many 4.3s on the marketplace and now you’ve got 4.7 depreciating and having quite a low entry level price.

Point then the N-400 doesn’t appear to be carrying too much of a premium. But it is worth paying a little bit extra for an M400. You’ve got 20 extra BHP engine performance sports pack wheels, some nice color options, and bespoke interior stitching with the nurburgring circuit on the center armrest. So, although it’s not got enough kudos to command much higher premiums than the standard 4.3, then it definitely has some features which are worth paying for.

The DB9 Lehman is a completely different situation though. Just try and find one for sale. It’s very very rare. They do command a premium today, if you can find one for sale. The ones I’ve seen have typically gone at bottoms, or other auctions. There’s no manual edition available, they were all automatics.

The special Save silver paintwork in the flesh, in the sunlight, is absolutely beautiful. There’s contrasting red interior, the ski slope door capping, and there’s some red stitching, and the Lehman circuit outline is again on the center armrest. Probably just because there were so few made compared to M400, that early DB9 Lehman’s special edition commands a premium, and is sought after today.

The N-400 commemorates the factory’s first entry at the Nurburgring, where they did very well. The Lehman obviously celebrates Aston’s heritage and history, at that circuit. Meaning that with that piece of history and the additional specs, that those two cars have over base models, then they’re certainly worth seeking out. The DB9 Lehman is a collector’s car and it’s going to be a battle, an auction, no doubt to buy that car. Where the M400 because there are so many, and because the entry level 4.7 V8 Vantage keeps a lid on their price, don’t appear to be trading at too much of a premium over a standard car.

So yes, whilst they are worth seeking out, just be careful that you don’t pay over the odds for one. And just reassure yourself that in the case of the V8 instead of going for the M400 special, do you think a 4.7 V8 vantage has got more to offer. And likewise, the DB9 has the 470 bhp facelift interior. DB9 got more to offer in terms of tangible spec than the special edition Lehman. But these prices are guided by the market and the market is guided by you. So, what do you think about the n400 and DB9 Lehman? Are they worth seeking out?

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