Forum Chat #23 – V12 Vantage Primary Decat Sound Quality?

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Welcome to Bamford Rose and its another forum chat. As you’ll see from the opening animation, we’ve got some different ways to start off forum chats now. If it’s something that really needs to be put right, we’ve got an animation of a character, hitting a computer screen with a spanner, it’s quite fun. We’ve got an animation laughing at a screen and we’ve got an animation of a character giving a thumbs up. You’ll get the general idea. We’ll either be endorsing something, ridiculing something or getting a little bit angry with something and taking it to test. You’ll see which one from the opening animation.

Anyway, onto this week’s forum chat. As you can see from what I pop up on the screen now, it’s someone asking what the V12 Vantage sound quality is like. So, it says V12 Vantage manual or the VS. When it had a Bamford Rose primary Decat option fitted. He says that he’s listened to some videos and he’s put off the sound.

Well, a couple of things there on sound that you hear, that’s been recorded off a phone or maybe a digital camera or SLR, that microphone, depending on the ambient the wind whatever, it never sounds right anyway when you replay it on another sound device. The next aftermarket exhaust companies or anyone selling a back box, they often do this, they put filters over the sound and make it sound better than it actually is. So, be really skeptical of listening to something and judging sound quality you really need to hear it in the flesh or as this chap has done trying to get opinions of other people.

Now the primary Decat, that’s just going to be the same quality sound to pretty much the same noise level as it was stock because it’s just a primary cat that’s been removed from the manifold, it’s still got the secondary. The intermediate pipes are still the same and the silence is still the same. So, it’s not really going to change but by anything that noticeable.

The primary Decat can be added to with high flow secondaries instead of retaining the standard factory secondary catalyst and this will change the sound characteristics slightly, so it’s going to be a bit more louder. But it’s still going to be bass and baritone and it’s not going to go high-pitched or raspy.

The Bamford Rose manifolds because they are of tuned length, it’s going to introduce that more Ferrari esque sound to it. But depending on whether a customer wants that or not, we make the system slightly unequal length, not to destroy power but just unequal enough to give it the interesting Aston sound characteristic. And then if it was overall too loud, that’s where we put the baffle after the catalyst. So, anyone that’s considering any of our exhaust options, the sound can be tailored to each individual’s liking when we describe the sorts of sound you get out of each system.

Yeah, as I said before, I wouldn’t ever listen to a YouTube video or anything like that and categorically be able to determine what sound quality was actually like.

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