Everything you need to know about servicing your Aston Martin

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Welcome to BamfordRose, and in this video, we’re going to give you an insight into the process each car gets, when we give it any service.

As service to us is the most important product that we offer our clients. Service is the backbone of our business. And from the test drive to identifying any issues for the car through to the process of service with us in the workshop, we’re going to show you what service at Bamford Rose is all about.

So, when the car comes back from the road tests, we love a quick clean down outside for quicker paint inspection. With paint inspection, means you go, start off with the wheels, check the clear marks, tire wall, stuff like that. And we usually work ourselves around the car checking for any corrosion, and damage could be here beforehand. And then with a soft-top usually they’re clean, so you can see the condition of it. Check for any water leaks, especially on the windows here, because they tend to seep in there. Once that’s been done, it will come in for a light check, which will be all the exterior lights, parking sensors as well. With that, we used to go to the interior. So, we’re doing mirrors, glass, air conditioner, center console items, stuff like that. Really the internal stuff, it will go on the ramp. First off will be the tires. We usually check for wear indicators, the way they’re wearing any damage to them, especially on the interior of the rim.

Once tyres are done, we move on to the brakes. Brakes are usually measured with service indicators, which we each get to use to stand the service indicator and pads, check air conditioner pads for cracking or uneven wear. Once you’ve gone with pads, you should do in each individual corner, check for suspension, bush creep, anything that is out of the ordinary. Once that’s done, the car will go up in the air, fuel trays will come off. We then start inspection on the second page, which basically goes to the components, such as the engine, transmission, the cooling, all the core components to the car. Usually, checking for condition, any leaks, any signs there might be somewhere, or any signs of damage. Once the core components check, to move on to stuff like a suspension from the underside, fixings, lines, with brake lines, it’s a little thing that you need to keep an eye on.

What’s the major inspections usually done; you start the serious items. Machines you allocate for a car, depend on the year mileage, stuff like that. Once they’re usually done, it goes back on for a road test.

Hy! It’s me. Just going on our pre-service protest, checking for any issues the clients are not aware of. Basically, we’ll be checking the dynamics of the car; break-in, air conditioning, wipers, bushes or the general driver aids. Okay! So, dynamics check is good. Four-mile road test on the road, with plenty of bumps and motions, left-right turns, slow to medium corners. Just can’t feel the way the car rolls, dives too much on the break in. Ice on the brakes doing an ABS step, is how it calls up straight, if it’s gotten a left or right bias. During the road test as well, we were checking for wind noise from the window apertures, or any door code rattling noises, any small issue that can be rectified during service.

So, if you’d like to book in with us for a service, there’s several ways. You can book in for service the same day, where if you get here about 9:00-9:30, we’ll service MOT if you need that, and you’ll be ready to drive away by close of business. You can wait in the reception with Wi-Fi or we take clients into Stratford, one even so they can spend the day there and pick them up at the end of the day. Another way to book in, is just drop off one day, a Monday or end of the week even and then pick up a future point. Well, I hope you’ve liked that introduction into how we perform a service and we look forward to performing a service on your car. So, if you’d like to book in and we look forward to taking your calls or Emails.

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