V8 Dynamic Upgrades

As the factory constantly evolved the dynamics of the Vantage over time we at Bamford Rose have developed an upgrade path to enable owners of earlier models to take advantage of these evolutions.

This upgrade path is especially pertinent as the Vantage ages. Earlier Multimatic dampers have proven susceptible to leakage and valving issues leaving the Vantage owner with options to improve the car. Either by fitment of later Bilstein dampers or upgrading to the Bamford Rose Adaptive Damper upgrade for the ultimate in handling dynamics.

For the more spirited driver, we offer a brake upgrade for earlier Vantage models.

Upgrading from the factory fitment 355mm front discs to the later style Brembo 380mm, bell-mounted, floating discs fitted to the Vantage S. Additionally, the OEM four-piston callipers are upgraded to a Brembo six-piston callipers each milled from a solid billet. As a final, personal, touch the callipers can be painted in your choice of colour.

This upgrade vastly improves braking feel, modulation and performance for a slight increase in unsprung weight over the original factory fitment.

This upgrade is available for £5,750 (excluding VAT).

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For the ultimate in dynamic upgrades, we at Bamford Rose are proud to offer our adaptive damping package.

Utilising the B16 Bilstein adaptive dampers, fitted into the final VH era Aston Martins, and bespoke springs for each model (the OEM springs are discarded as part of this uncompromising upgrade). This pinnacle upgrade offers a transformational difference in the Vantage’s handling and ride.

Three initial model-specific dynamic damper settings – comfort, sport and track are calibrated by Bamford Rose. The settings can be selected by a discreet button in the vehicle or via a smartphone application. With the dampers in adaptive mode, the car will stiffen up in the corners when needed then revert to comfort in mIlliseconds! The comfort mode is perfect for a Motorway cruise or around town, sport mode for a spirited back road blast and track for days at the circuit.

Alternatively, for the owner who wants everything, all of the suspension settings can be completely programmable via smartphone to create the handling characteristics you desire.

This upgrade is suitable for all Vantages and is available for £5750 (excluding VAT).

For keener drivers of earlier Vantages, without the sport-pack, we at Bamford Rose are pleased to offer an upgrade.

This upgrade changes the steering rack a to more direct, responsive steering ratio reduced from 17:1 to 15:1 (approximately 12% quicker) as used in the sport-pack and later Vantages. The upgrade makes the Vantage a lot more “pointy” without any of the high-speed nervousness that often plagues less well-judged faster steering rack upgrades.

The upgrade is available for £2,400 (excluding VAT).

For more focused drivers of earlier Vantages, Bamford Rose is pleased to offer an upgrade to the later 2011 Vantage S underbody panels (sheer plates). These panels improve even further on the Vantages torsional rigidity improving the ride and handling of earlier cars.

This upgrade is available for £800 (excluding VAT).

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