V8 Cosmetic Upgrades

It’s not all max-power, focused dynamics and obsessive servicing at Bamford Rose.

We also pride ourselves helping the owners of Aston Martins get that finishing touch for their car. From bespoke interiors to recolouring of key components Bamford Rose is here to help you make your Aston Martin truly yours.

Add a touch of class to your interior and retrofit your existing plastic buttons to the latter crystal type.

The later crystal buttons look fantastic and are wonderfully tactile. The buttons for the later models are available OEM from the factory. For those for whom crystal buttons are not originally available from the factory, bespoke crystal buttons are available from Bamford Rose.

Bamford Rose offers a choice of font style for your buttons – classic or the later italicised type. Or why not go wild and order completely bespoke.. as one of our clients did and added logos inspired by James Bond to the buttons – Ejector Seat anyone?

Supplied and fitted for OEM £150 each (excluding VAT).

Supplied and fitted Bamford Rose bespoke (A/C, A/C recirculation, Hazard and Heated rear screen) £200 each (excluding VAT).

Glass Button Upgrade

Glass Button Upgrade

Curbed a wheel? Fancy changing the look of your car? We at Bamford Rose are here to help.

With our fully equipped paint and machine shop, wheels can be refurbished and recoloured to your exact requirements. All part of the Bamford Rose one-stop-shop service.

Example 1

Example 4

Example 2

Example 5

Example 3

Example 6

From a tired seat bolster, leather peeling off your dashboard panels to grand interior retrims and replication of Zagato interiors Bamford Rose are proud to offer trim and repair as part of their services.

Trimming where you can be assured that all panels will be reassembled in the car by experts – no endless squeaking after trimming here!

Zagato trim

Headrest Trim

DB9 interior

Whether as a nice upgrade during a brake service or you just want to change the look of your car, Bamford Rose is pleased to offer a brake calliper colouring service.

Using the skills of our PaintShop we here at Bamford Rose can offer a huge variety of colour options and text styles for your callipers. Additionally, unlike some less reputable companies, Bamford Rose only uses the highest-quality specialist brake calliper paints. This ensures the longevity of finish and colour for your Aston Martin no matter how hard your brakes work!

Painted to order

Painted to order

Painted to order

At Bamford Rose, we are just as particular about the appearance of your pride and joy as much as we care for the mechanics.

Focusing exclusively on Aston Martins own OEM parts to freshen the look of your car. Many of the styling elements of later models can be retrofitted to provide a new look to your Aston.

You’ll notice we don’t quote exact prices either. The new styling parts often have newer lacquer and when compared to your car it often makes sense (depending on the car) to undertake minor paint correction/stone rash removal on the adjacent panels at the same time to ensure the maximum visual lift from your upgrade.

Why not upgrade your Vantage to the sportier look of the V12VS Vantage. The Carbon Fibre lips and mesh grill add a subtle aggressive racing look to your Vantage.

c£1,600 plus VAT POA

V12 S Grill Upgrade

Why not upgrade your Vantage to the sportier look of the V8 Vantage S.

These more sporty bumpers incorporate a front splitter and rear diffuser for better aerodynamic performance. The upgrade includes the front and rear bumper, split and diffuser as well as four new wheel arch liners and a front undertray. In addition, the diffuser and splitter can be optionally specified in carbon fibre to complete the sporting look.

This Upgrade is available from c£3,450 plus VAT (c£3,500-£4,000 fitted POA)

V8 S Bumper Upgrade

Why not upgrade your Vantage to the sportier side sills / strakes of the N400 or V12VS Vantage. These two distinct looks offer a different styling take on you Vantage.

This Upgrade is available from c£650 plus VAT (c£1000 fitted POA)

QOTW #24 Video: Upgrading side sills on my V8 Vantage?

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