DB7 V12 Transmission Upgrades - Precision and control for your DB7

The interaction you have with the transmission is one of the key elements by which you experience your Aston Martin. It is unfortunate then that this is one of the areas somewhat compromised during the DB7’s development process.

Fortunately Bamford Rose has the solution: A set of highly developed upgrades that make your V12 Vantage manual drive the way you always wanted it to.

Developed for manual transmission the Bamford Rose lightweight flywheel and twin-plate clutch upgrade is a transformative upgrade in the DB7 Vantage driving experience. Compared the OEM single plate clutch/flywheel the upgrade significantly improves the engine responsiveness and facilitates smoother yet much faster gear changes. All this with an added advantage of delivering significantly improved longevity to your Vantages clutch.

This upgrade stems from our desire to tackle some of the compromises made during the original V12 development programme at the factory. To save money the V12s reused a flywheel of Jaguars’ design. This flywheel was designed for luxury saloons and had those characteristics inherent in it – smooth slow ramp-up of power and drive-down deceleration which are luxury saloon traits. Ideally, a sports car flywheel provides an energetic and ramp and deceleration.

The impeccably engineered Bamford Rose flywheel is lightweight but the correct weight for a performance car. Bamford Roses’ twin-plate clutch upgrade is of a smaller diameter than the OEM single plate clutch which has the benefit of reducing rotational inertia allowing the engine to spool-up/rev-up faster. An added advantage of the smoother changes a twin-plate clutch provides is better longevity for the part. So not only do you get a much-improved transmission you won’t need to change the clutch as often too.

This upgrade is suitable for manual V12 DB7’s only and includes a short shift modification if desired (see adjacent tab for details) and is available for £3,000 (excluding VAT).

Lighter Flywheel

Lighter Flywheel Installed

Bamford Rose twin plate clutch and lighter flywheel transmission modification

Bamford Rose clutch video

Available for manual V12s the Bamford Rose short shift modification, similar to the DB7 GT, changes the shift level fulcrum point improving the mechanical advantage you have when changing gear.

This facilitates better interaction with the transmission and better purchase – more positive shift which particularly useful for engaging first and second gear when the transmission is cold.

Upgrades for DB7 V12 Introduction

Upgrades for DB7 V12 Introduction

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