DB7 V12 Engine Upgrades

Whilst the original DB7 i6 was a fine car it was not until the arrival of the DB7 Vantage with the AM02 V12 engine that the car finally got the power to match the looks and start the dynasty of new era V12s.

Focusing on engine breathing Bamford Rose can deliver higher performance for DB7 Vantage owners.

Our secondary catalysts are manufactured to motorsport standards.

The catalysts are more efficient, gas flow-optimised and constructed with high quality 200 cell bricks optimised for better performance offering an additional c+20 BHP / c+7NM for your V12. The catalysts are offered both baffled and unbaffled so you can also tune your V12s exhaust note to taste.

This upgrade is available as a part to fit yourself for £1,150 (excluding VAT and delivery) or we can fit here at Bamford Rose for £1,250 (excluding VAT).

Baffle and unbaffled cat

Fitted catalyst

Do upgraded catalysts cause emissions faults?

What are the different sound characteristics of upgraded catalysts?

The Bamford Rose high lift camshaft upgrade replaces the existing OEM inlet camshafts with to a set of very high-quality bespoke cams.

These bespoke cams have a 1.7mm (c+17%) increased inlet cam profile (11.5mm vs 9.8mm OEM). The higher lift on the cam lobe increases the inlet valve stroke enabling more air to enter the combustion chamber for better performance across the rev range to the benefit of c+15 BHP, c+10 Nm.

This upgrade is suitable for all DB7 Vantages for £1500 (excluding VAT).

High lift Cam

For those looking to enhance the aural experience for their V12, Bamford Rose is pleased to offer a secondary catalyst delete with straight-through pipes..

This change delivers c+7 BHP and is suitable for all DB7 Vantages at £500 (excluding VAT).

secondary cat delete pipes

Upgrade to the DB7 GT final drive changing from the 3.77 in the DB7 Vantage to the 4.09 final drive from the DB7 GT.

This changes improves acceleration reducing the time to 60 mph from 5.7 seconds, to a shade under 5 seconds.

Upgrade to VH Era DBS inlet manifolds.

The DB7 engine is compatible with the later VH Era DBS inlet manifolds. These manifolds change the characteristics of your V12 engine; for a slight reduction in low down torque (c-30 Nm), the power band is raised and more power (c+20 BHP)can be found at the across rev range – especially at the top. This is especially effective when combined with a change in the final drive to balance out the slight loss of torque.

This modification is suitable for DB7 Vantage and is especially suited to those wishing more spirited performance from their V12. £POA

DBS Inlet Manifold

Upgrades for DB7 V12 Introduction

Upgrades for DB7 V12 Introduction

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