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Bamford Rose in-house GT4 production, full road car into GT4 race car conversion for entry into the Aston Martin GT4 competitions.

Trust the Bamford Rose team to put you a nose ahead of the field. The experience we have gained through our successes of powering: European GT4 champions Rhesus Racing; UK GT4 champions Nicholas Mee; 2012 Aston Martin Global Challenge Trophy winner Mathol Racing; and many more. Our continued winning streak is the envy of every motorsport team operating out of the ‘Motorsport Valley’.

The GT4 Cup is split into two classes, a GT4 FIA chassis which utilise a slick tyre, and a treaded tyre subclass formed of road-going cars converted into racing cars. The road car converted into racing car maintains its registered for road use status, and requires a significantly lower investment compared with a pre-built GT4 chassis. This makes the converted road car the ideal entry into the exciting Aston Martin GT4 Cup.

The route to entry into this formula can start with the despatch of your road car to Bamford Rose for conversion into one of the regulated racing specifications. Bamford Rose can manage the selection of the donor car and evolution on your behalf, or you can purchase a finished GT4 racing car ready for track use directly from Bamford Rose stock.

The regulations for the Aston Martin GT4 Cup which are available from Aston Martin Owners Club, have been carefully crafted for the treaded tyre subclass of the Aston Martin GT4 Cup to keep racing both fun and competitive yet not necessarily needing a professional MotorSport team budget to compete. This means that for each system of; engine, exhaust, ECU, driveline, suspension, braking and aero, a range of evolution levels are possible. Bamford Rose can craft a car specification tailored to your budget which delivers the optimum performance possible resulting in the quickest car for your spend. We do this by application of technical intellect to tweak existing car systems and interact with some bespoke Motorsport products, whereas lesser ‘Motorsport Valley’ teams who fall short of this intellect level will unintelligently remove existing car systems such as ABS, traction control, Dynamic stability control and Engine Control Unit, and replace with less sophisticated Motorsport systems only because their knowledge of interrogating and tweaking existing car systems is lacking, causing you excessive spend and a slower car. Trust Bamford Rose to convert your road car into a racing car in the most cost-effective way to deliver ultimate quality and performance.

  • When a donor car is received into the workshop the car is stripped so that a roll cage which meets GT racing requirements can be installed.
  • The engine is sent to our in-house build shop and converted into racing specification
  • The gearbox is rebuilt with new internals which are shot peen and super polished
  • The new engine and gearbox are re-fitted with Bamford Rose exhaust manifolds and racing catalysts
  • Bamford Rose lightweight flywheel and twin-plate clutch is fitted
  • Fire safety system is installed
  • Racing seats and harness installed
  • Brakes and suspension systems are fitted
  • A racing car emerges

4.3L engine rebuild

Our understanding of wear rates and deterioration factors are insights that simply aren’t available to teams who haven’t been through the same experience curve. To maintain optimum power output and durability a service interval of 10,000 race kilometres is recommended. During the service we pay particular attention to the parts most vulnerable to wear. In addition, should you encounter a problem or simply want a refresh after an accident, we can offer:

  • Rapid turn-around of your original engine
  • An exchange unit while your engine is undergoing repairs

4.3L conversion to 4.7L GT4 specification @ 500BHP

A 4.3 litre to 4.7 litre engine conversion for the V8 Vantage which results in a true racing engine. Suitable for Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC), GT4 class racing, Britcar and VLN.

We re-manufacture the original 4.3 litre engine, using original equipment parts and built to standards which are proven to win race championships – yet this is a cost effective alternative to other Aston Martin racing support providers. The result is a hand crafted, high performance racing engine.

Instead of simply selling a stock production part, Bamford Rose converts a production 4.3 litre engine into VLN series race engines ranging from 450 to 475 BHP. All rotating and reciprocal parts are balanced to Formula 1 standards, offering increased durability and throttle response. The culmination is a fully blue printed and optimised racing engine.

Exhaust Manifold and catalyst performance upgrade

Bamford Rose was the first to the market for exhaust Manifold and Catalyst upgrade. The exhaust system can be fitted to both 4.3L and 4.7L GT4 cars and together with an ECU reflash provides an instant 45BHP peak power increase, and 50Nm Torque increase across the rev range. Significantly lesser outfits in the ‘MotorSport Valley’ have tried their best to imitate this product but fail in terms of component quality and intellect required to properly re-map the ECU to achieve the ultimate power output. Meaning it has become repeatedly evident that whilst Bamford Rose has competitors, in reality Bamford Rose has no competition in this segment of the marketplace.

  • Supply of lightweight flywheel and twinplate clutch
  • Rebuild of the Graziano 6 speed transmission
  • Shot peen and super polish build
  • Complete rebuilds of the entire drive-train, if necessary.
  • Optimisation of LSD lock ratio % / angle, together with tuneable gear-set ratios available for either specific track or individual driver requirements.
  • Bamford Rose carries stock of spare gearbox’s supplied under an exchange basis whilst your damaged unit is being repaired.
  • Full restoration following damage
  • Rebuild following serious crash or other damage
  • Fuel tank rebuild
  • Full chassis and suspension upgrades
    Including drop-links, bushes, anti-roll bar, rear toe links and damping optimisation.
  • Custom made wiring looms and data logging equipment
    For whatever live times and data you require.
  • Weight reduction programmes
    Improve the performance and the handling of your car.
  • Brake upgrade over original equipment
    Reduce your braking distances and achieve more responsive late braking.
  • Evolved aerodynamics
  • Engine mount upgrade kit
    We will supply and fit an engine mount that has been machined from billet (made from a single piece of aluminium) for greater strength and lightness.

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