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After your car’s next service or repair, why not treat your pride and joy to a machine mop, polish, full paint correction and detail?

This does more than return the car’s paintwork to new, it removes swirl marks and imperfections and buffs to a shine like you’ve never seen before.

Bamford Rose now offers its customers a high quality professional detailing service, but at a snip of the prices charged by existing detailers. We offer paint correction and detailing as well as bodywork repairs and repainting to the very highest standards.

The price of detailing these days has increased to exorbitant levels. And, let’s be honest, it’s a princely sum for applying product to the paint and then polishing it off with a machine. That’s why we decided something had to be done. We resourced the very same equipment existing detailers use, and the staff who really know how to use it, and now offer the same service at a fraction of the price.

We believe in using quality professional products that achieve fantastic results for the most economical cost. We don’t dress up products as ‘Serums’ or ‘special’ waxes that cost a king’s ransom but deliver little added value.

The detailing process:

  1. Firstly a thorough car clean, wheels cleaned using non-acidic cleaner. Tyres are degreased.
  2. Whole exterior is cleaned using degreaser and pressure washed off. Car is foamed using an all-purpose cleaner, left to cleanse and then pressure washed off.
  3. Claying removes any contaminants like road tar and tree sap that leaves the paintwork feeling rough. A clay bar is moved back and forth across each panel leaving a glass smooth feel to the paintwork.
  4. Car is again pressure washed and dried using very soft towels. When dry a pre-wax cleaner fluid is applied and polished off ready for a machine polish correction. Glass, tyres, exhaust and brightwork are polished and rubber seals conditioned.
  5. Remove paint swirl marks and scratches using a machine polishing tool. The machine polish often makes the biggest improvement to the appearance of the paintwork. It’s also what consumes the most time. The result of the machine polish is like removing a hazy film from the car so you can admire the true colour.
  6. Finally, a top coat of wax / polish is applied and buffed to perfection. This will help keep the vehicle cleaner as dirt and grime is less likely to stick to the car and not leave a residue.

Detailing is different to a valet

A valet is often a quick wash and wax, where outfits often employ harsh chemicals, poor quality / damaging drying apparatus and low quality wax products that offer little paint protection.

A valet will normally last an hour – a detail will often take a whole day from start to finish. Detailers who claim to take ‘several days’ to complete a car are not very good or simply dragging the job out for obvious reasons.

ProductDescriptionCost (inc VAT)
Bamford Rose DetailOne day duration and consists of: Purchase of paint correct kit matched to your paint code. Application of paint to localised area to touch up blemishes, followed by polishing to make the repairs blend perfectly.from £350

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Accident Damage

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